May mysterious electric wave erupting in the universe be an extraterrestrial? Huo Jinceng warns human discretion to treat

On January 10, BBC, ” defend a newspaper ” , ” American country is geographical ” waited to report a newses: Astronomer announced a radio telescope of Canadian to receive the my海子模板价格sterious signal that comes from distant galaxy. In this radio signal, a blazing repeats signal. This repeats two identical radio pulse in signal, come from source of a when about 1.5 billion light-year is apart from identical signal. The origin of these question mark is sealed, but eliminating is outside Xing Zhihui’s evidence.

This radio signal is called fast radio erupts. According to the identical radio signal that aerospace appears, somebody thinks, this is probable it is the signal that intelligent biology makes, all sorts of heavy reply date that are similar to the mankind to be able to be made, because this concludes,this may be the signal that comes from an extraterrestrial.

Huo Jinceng warns world, th

e radio telescope that cosmic signal can monitor on hope world does not answer any doubtful question mark.

Report, a mighty uproar is caused inside global limits, many netizens guess in succession, whether is this the extraterrestrial is in does the earth send dispatch signal?

It is under this inference, about whether replying this signal, people came into being not little dif饰品点钻模板BIference.

The crowd that thinks to ought not to be responded to, give Hocking’s opinion to criterion. Besides, also somebody holds another ground, like sci-fi ” 3 body ” author Liu Cixin thinks, whether to respond to should be decided by international society, with respect to him himself character won’t be responded to, do not want to be responded to immediately now at least, can continue to understand monitor, hope to be able to defeat interpret among them a few information.

The Canada that participates research is British the radio telescope CHIME o优质建筑模板价格f Colombian area studies the group thinks, fast radio erupts to come from probably near the central black hole of a certai找建筑织木模板n galaxy, it is a kind of distinctive常用建筑模板BE astronomy appearance.

From biologic angle, the existence of life of the star outside cannot proving

Be based on fast radio to erupt just about the characteristic that heavy recrudesce gives, just make some people think, but reduplicative radio wave resembles the advanced life like the person just can be being designed only it seems that, consequently inference is outside astral life creates.

But look from the angle of life evolution, this also have not a leg to stand on. Without foundation does not appear astral life outside, and the life evolution pattern that can grasp at present according to the mankind, life of the star outside cannot proving the where outside the earth has at all, life of the star outside Huang talking still can make fast radio erupt and blast off.

Tellurian life evolution, already all previous classics makes an appointment with 4 billion years, and human evolution also experienced at least 5 million years. 5 million years ago, it is the node that the mankind and chimpanzee part company, 150 thousand years ago, the mankind that structure of system of one’s previous experience of evolution of the ability on the earth is like modern (appear in Africa) .

Life of the star outside eliminating can bypass the rule of evolution of the life on the earth, they may be form of another kind of advanced life, and the compositive material of life also is not is only by nucleic acid, protein, and the composition such as carbon, hydrogen, helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and neon, still have other form.

Differentiate to 6 kinds of life according to Aximofu, the nucleic acid that is medium with liquid state water only / protein (be a foundation with oxygen) biology just is the life that we know, other 5 kinds are likely outside the form of astral life.

Even if is such, life of the star outside also wanting a proof is this 5 kinds 1 medium kind, perhaps want an eye to see for solid. But at present this cannot confirm.

Does suddenly Jin Xuesheng talk about: of mysterious question mark? Doesn’t Cao Liu rise abruptly does the Song

Dynasty of live abroad of Wu of the Xiu that hold  setting out a kind of sweet grass?

Pau Figueras is the visit scholar of Cantabrigian university. He from 2010, joining Cantabrigian university maths is to do postdoctoral, study same way with Hocking, be in 2013-2015 year be elected for suddenly gold scholar, the black hole also grinds since Cengyu Huo Jinyi. To the radio question mark outside the 1.5 billion light-year of this new discovery, pau tells red star news: If Huo Jinxian is unripe still alive, knew this news, I think he may say, the extraterrestrial does not send this.

Pau also th胶印机平面模板的制作inks when accepting news to interview, to the FRB that discovers this, he thinks is not to come from an e

xtraterrestrial, believe Mr Hocking also thinks this is not to come from an ext高柱模板上市五年成功raterrestrial. But at the same time Pau thinks this discovery, because this has been the signal of the 2n批发建筑模板怎么样BFd kind of universe be cominged from by what the mankind explores,still be the discovery that makes scientific group excited. We still cannot be cut truly at present what is excogitating it after all, but it is probable it is one rotates q核电模板uickly, high magnetic field is changed (Rapidly Rotating And Highly Magnetised) neutron star. Pau thinks, explore more such signal. Have fundamental scientific value with respect to the formation of neutron star and subsequently evolution information to the mankind.

Pau tells a reporter, neutron star is by the dead heavenly body that great quality star forms after cave in of extinct nuclear fuel, if the quality of primitive star is more than 20 suns quality, it will form a black hole, if its quality is lesser, can form heavenly body of a neutron, accordingly black hole and neutron star are closely related. Pau says, recently, stage of gravitation wave observation (namely LIGO) explored the amalgamative gravitation wave that comes from neutron star, it is likely next consider to provide new clue to the physics of these material.

Although Mr Hocking is alive,I think, he also can think this and extraterrestrial have nothing to do, this discovery is worth we are farther research, what is we need to understand it through research after all, and help us understand the universe very much more. Pau says, at present the scientist has begun to study this new discovery related the whole world, when this information first time is discovered, the binoculars of the whole world has pointed to this direction. Pau tells red star news, at present a lot of scientists are studying this question mark to search the signal of other wave band to identify the property of signal source at the same time in the universe on different wavele建筑模板价格一览表ngh.

Regard Ceng Yuhuo as the scholar that gold studies jointly, in Pau eye, hocking is one has sense of humor very much, very persistent to the exploration of cosmic secret person. Till life finally, he never still has abandoned what go up scientificly seeking. Pau says to red star news, before dying till Hocking, he still is exploring the possibility of paradox of black hole information actively. Huo Jinyi thinks attempt and extraterrestrial are communicated continuously is not a favour, he suggests our mankind should keep silence.

Original title: Suddenly Jin Xuesheng talks question mark repeats outside 1.5 billion light-year: If suddenly gold is alive, also can think this and extraterrestrial have nothing to do responsibility edits: Leng Fangqi