Does speech draft give manager of car look forward to try? Mokeer denies car look forward to to work politics

The respect expresses German premier Angelamokeer 7 days, coverage of a few media says the car look forward to such as the masses works politics the view is not belonged to solid, the government is in decision-making wait for a respect to won’t be affected by car look forward to, also won’t stalk of grain the speech 中南神箭木业有限公司to check and approve of manager of car look forward to beforehand.

Germany ” Sunday lens signs up for ” report, sa Kesen city leaves in seat of headquarters of masse

s Motor Corporation, g福建建筑模板公司overnment and relation of this car look forward to are different from common. According to the view of this report, governor of next Sa Kesen state Er of Si Tefan the Kingdom of Wei is member of this company supervision board not only, the speech that still lets people company side revise his stalks of grain.

A staff m源森木业有限公司ember of people corporation to ” Sunday lens signs up for ” the reporter discloses, wei Er建筑模板厂家直销 performed the word that critical people corporation ever had written to discharge the door in lecture notes in in October

2015, but after he gives check and approve of people company side this speech draft, the other side deleted a few paragraphs of words of criticism.

After speech draft is revised, wei Er is in the speech not only tall without critical people corporation canal, say this company is a bright phearl of German industry group instead.

This report causes public opinion in an uproar. Wei Er is him 7 days to explain, say this report四川建筑模板公司 is without a basis. He says: This kind of view is without a basis, the core part that performs lecture notes did not alter at all. Pre建筑模用的模板多少钱ss his view, because discharge the seriousness of door incident, he gave public company speech manuscript beforehand, it is to let the other side help whether examination fact and legal respect are put in the mistake.

Respect of silent gram Er also appears personally 7 days later on make known one’s position, cast aside clear impact with car look forward to. Mokeertong cros建筑模板价格ses spokesman Wuerlikedemoer to say: Premier office

never submits speech draft to exterior orgnaization check and approve.

Demoer expresses at the same time, although German government maintains with car look forward to and建筑木模板厂AS orgnaization of relevant rights and interests everyday,communicate, but won’t appear absolutely car look forward to does government affairs. She says: Clearly, federally the decision-making measure according to oneself, very independent ground is run. (Zhang 临沂百汇木业有限公司销售Jing) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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