Day intermediary: Yuan Weian Fu already agreed with Korea or accept ready money of purpose most probably nearly

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In report will occupy new network on June 30 day intermediary report, be based on about Korea comfort consensus of Han of day of the problem that install Fu establishs ” reconcile cure financial group ” move 1 billion yen with Japanese government institute (add up to a

RMB about 60 million yuan) for exchequer arra覆膜板尺寸一般是多少KQngement extends cash be related, there is 62 to the person already was accepted or express to be accepted of purpose in there is the involuntary discharge of urine of additionally 199 36 people, deceased personages to belong to in 47 alive Yuan Weian Fu when consensus is reached.

Data chart: Comfort install Fu

According to the report, fina生产建筑模板价格BXncial group extends each to alive Yuan Weian Fu about 100 milli建筑模板的价格BSon Han Yuan (add up to a RMB about 600 thousand yuan of) , belong to to involuntary discharge of urine pay about 20 million Han yuan. Gotten application date of expiration is this month 30 days, at present this means alive Yuan Weian in Fu nearly 80% express to accept a manner on certain level.

Nevertheless, alleged date of expiration is nevertheless ” on formalities roughly period ” , financial group plans to if have,will apply for to still will consider to extend henceforth. Especially the seat that a lot of involuntary discharge of urine belong to still is not clear about, will continue to search whereabouts henceforth.

On the other hand, the Yuan Weian Fu that r特级模板ejects to accept say ” the problem t卖建筑模板哪里有hat is not money ” . Its are right the dissatisfaction of the consensus content that resembles girl of the setting before Japan is stationed in Han embassy inspecting a problem is confirmed, korea president Wen Zaiyin is held to consensus ” most count哪里买建筑模板KRryman cannot be accepted from the mood ” footing.

Put an issue around cash hair, criticism of partial Korea media is called ” extend compulsively ” . The Zheng Xuan of candidate of familial ministry minister shows the woman that is to run financial group by nomination will ” examine ” financial group activity. Financial gr建筑模板ou建筑用模板价格AQp 2 director spring resigns because of individual reason this year, financial group the operation henceforth is p贵港建筑模板公司ossible also backwater.

About the alive Yuan Weian when consensus is reached the woman is counted, original judg

ement has the government 46 people, 1 person is held again after, add up to 47 people.

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