Japanese custom says Chinese book man participates in 206 kilograms of bullion to contraband police to plan to arrest

Because be in Japan,about 9 people the haven of city of Tang Jin of assist congratulate county contrabands doubt to be like a large number of gold to be arrested be related, custom of Japanese door depa建筑木模板生产厂家rtment (city of boreal a poetic name of China) will say on Jun

e 20, about 206 kilograms of goods are bullion entirely, value makes an appointment with 930 million yen (add up to a RMB about 57 million yuan of) . After the bottom will be confiscated in May, these bullion had identification. Achi贵港建筑模板公司eve Japanese sheet second confiscate an amount new tall.

According to Japan joint company will report on June 21, wait for the introduction according to door department custom, the sheet before this second confiscating the case with the largest amount was Feburary 2015, somebody tries to contraband about 130 kilograms of bullion建筑模板参数AE to airport of Guan Xiguo border from Hong Kong. According to saying, this second dactylogram goes out without check on confisca

tory bullion.

In addition Japanese police returns disco高层模板very, after be being thought the on record of Chinese book man that concerns with this case is sent instantly change trains of Korea of classic建筑模板生产基地BIs of Cong Fugang airport goes to China. County of Japanese assist congratulate alarm wait to disobeyed duty law in order to be suspected of to obtain warrant for arrest.

Door d

epartment custom passes tax law 20 days with be suspected of disobeying for, the bamboo of suspect hill Qi that hall of congratulate place procuratorial work informed against Xiangzun to divide prime culprit be regardinged as helps the 8 people besides. Inf工程建筑模板厂orming against reason is this 8 people are suspected of will coming 31 days 建筑木胶板to had received bullion from the ship with unidentified citizenship i常用的模板尺寸BTn maritime space of h潍坊长浦模板igh seas of the East China Sea on May 30, hold small-sized boat next inside to di山东省临沂市模板厂sembark from the haven discharging of Tang Jin city. [round-the-world net reports reporter Wang Huan]