One man of American bumps into a Chinese dead to stay in American plot beforehand to drive

In report occupied new network on Feburary 19 the United States ” world daily ” report, 15 days drive in American walnut city the Haissam Massalkhy of man of 36 years old of Lebanon book that bumps into dweller of dead place foreign citizen of Chinese origin, be i建筑模板施工n 17 days afternoon an appear in court to be tried of Mo Na high court, check just murders blame and weapon of life of an as a result with (commit the crime car) attack other blame sues him. Postulate counsel for the defence still is to this case with police in investigation for, request judge reachs defer of appear in court to be tried permissive on March 9. Nevertheless, the judge thinks 1 million (dollar, similarly hereinafter) recognizance is too low, rise on the court reach 2002000 yuan.

Day of this case inquisitor Casey Jarvis 15 expresses, if Massalkhy accusation holds water, highest can sentence lifelong imprisonment, those who change character, check just won’t seek place death penalty to the accused.

Haissam Massalkhy fell that day midday 2 when wear blue to take appear in court to be tried without convict of sleeve cotton vest too. The figure is tall, medium bodily form. Although the beat on both hands, but when the bingle woman that should see a doubt is like the accused madam, show relaxed smile immediately. Massalkhy chats with English with lawyer of blame descendants public debate subsequently, need not tra全佳林木业nslate, around about 4 minutes, expression is quite relaxed, when chatting, return often exchange the eyes toward the woman of public gallery in front of. When appearing in court end face about leaves, massalkhy is smiling to set upright a thumb to public gallery unexpectedly, what innocent passerby bumps dead before appearing two days is h工地常用的模板叫什么KJorrible, did not leave any shadows.

Public debate lawyer expresses to judge Salvatore Sirha, because police investigation had be notted finish finally, he asks a judge time of proper defer appear in court to be tried. The judge expresses, special account can adjourn appear in court to be tried, but cannot exceed 3 wee浩晶木业有限公司ks at most. Bilateral finally agreement is in on March 9 appear in court to be tried.

Nevertheless the judge points out, the decides first 1 million recognizance after case hair, ap海子木业有限公司parent to murdering the accused controlling a crime too low. The judge raises recognizance 200工程木方厂家2000 yuan on the court.

In process of whole appear in court to be tried, the woman of the spectacles for nearsighted persons side Oriental face, Dai Hei in the short straight black hair in public gallery in front of, the look is centered on the accused body all the time. She wore the horizontal stroke between white bottom La Luxiang that day

short sleeve, black on the west pants, brown flat bottom shoe. Thorn of the most apparent left artifice inside has Haissam model of written characters to tattoo the skin.


Whether is becoming a reporter to enquire Mrs Massalkhy when, woman of straight black hair was not den建筑公司红头文件模板AVied, but it is the most difficult that she states now is our family period, do not want to publish any comments.

Haissam Massalkhy of dweller of Xi Kewen accept is accused on Feburary 15 early morni模板生产DSng 5 when 50 minutes or so, opening oneself 1989 car of blue abundant cropland, bump the Shao Chi of dweller of walnut city foreign citizen of Chi批发建筑模板怎么样BFnese origin that running in the morning on proper motion driveway at that time from the back (Chi Shao, transliteration) , on the windshield before after the victim is bumped into, be being hanged in the car, subsequently out of control breaks through the car around civilian curtilage brick wall, irruptive backyard of one Chinese residence, shao Chi of 59 years old dies on the spot.

Massalkhy admits to police when be arrested, he is plot beforehand drives strike a person, do not know with the victim. Drive strike a person, because oneself are illegal,be sluggish of exceed the time limit is beautiful, be faced with v/arc escort from one place to another very quickly to leave the country, so the choice drives strike a person, beg punishment to be imprisoned, be left the country in order to avoid by v/arc escort from one place to another. According to square data of check of county of the name of a river in Sh

aanxi and Henan provinces, the accused was born in April 1979, it is 36 years old. (Yang Qing)

Original title: One man of United States drives when bumping into dead Chinese to生产建筑模板价格 appear in court, relaxed smile sets upright thumb