Uncover secret ” times ” silent of man of the time overcame Er 2015: Love football is afraid of a dog

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In new network report will report 9 days according to central company on Dec模板厂ASember 10, the United States ” times ” (Time) magazine announces 2015 year man of the time is German premier Mokeer 9 days, th

ink she is current whole world most powerful female, still l建筑工地用模板isted Europe Liu Nvjiang’s person’s little-known one side, include to have deep love for a football, be afraid of a dog to wait.

The United States

” times ” weekly announces 2015 year man of the time is Germa建筑模板厂家价格n premier Mokeer 9 days.

The times edits group after many consideration hind, from finally 8 candidate are chosen a Mokeer (Angela Merkel) is year man of the time. Also be from 1986 heretofore, the man of the time of chief female year that the times singles out, on one is Philippine before presidential Ai Kui Mrs. Nuo (Corazon Aquino) .

Come from east the Meikeer of heart, setting of one’s previous experience also differs with leader of western world country. ” time一鸣木业有限公司s ” the economic crisis that describes Meikeer to lead European mainland to defy Europe debt is caused, assistance decides to reach solve from the most severe refugee crisis since Wor建筑木胶板ACld War II.

” times ” still listed 13 Mokeer’s little-known one side, the pet name that includes her calls Mutti, namely mom’s meaning. Still have since the bitter experience that ever had been bitten by the dog 1995, from this plum Ke Erxiang should be afraid of a dog.

It is reported, mokeer has divorced, currently holding the post ofa gentleman is the Berlin college professor that does not love exposure extremely, ever stil新型模板建筑支撑l had lived to face the illegal apartment of the station closely when she is young, mei Keer is a prominent scientist that has deep love for a football more.

She often is taking cash to buy food to drug-store, very civilian change, do breakfast to eat to the husband e建筑施工模板安全技术规范veryday almost, still made skill good cake. When she is 9 years old, ever stood 45 minutes are as long as to dare not dive on diving board.

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