2015 whole worlds are optimal film is complete a list of names posted up is odd ” Nie Yin’s woman ” carry off head of a list of names posted up (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian are 2015 whole worlds optimal is film complete is a list of names posted up odd ” Nie Yin’s woman ” carry off head of a list of names posted up (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2015-12-01 09:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] those who be worth to be carried is, hou Xiaoxian di佳和木业有限公司r弘旺木业有限公司ects this year ” woman of assassin Nie concealed ” rank head of a

list of names posted up.

Recently, england is famous movie magazine ” inspect with listen ” (Sight Sound) chooses 2015 year 20 beautiful film produces heat. Learn sponsorred professional movie magazine as British film, this journal can choose year every year 10 large fine piece, invite the whole world建筑模板生产基地BI in all this year

168 film review people choose sheet of this a list of names posted up jointly.

Be worth what carry is, hou Xiaoxian directs this year ” woman of assassin Nie concealed ” rank head of a list of names posted up, this also is this year Chinese piece the best result that obtains in sheet of this a list of names posted up, ” Kaluoer ” ” mad Maikesi ” wait for beautiful piece after close therewith.

1, woman of assassin Nie conceal建筑施工模板KTed

The Assassin

Hou Xiaoxian grinds one sword 8 years, with distinctive

color charm of reductive Tang Dynasty. A legend novel according to Tang Renpei punishment ” Nie Yin’s woman ” adapt, have the honor to win the 68th to knock gently 工程模板怎么样unit of contest of accept film festival is optimal director award, also undertook the whole thing optimal film reachs award of horse of 52 Taiwan gold optimal 5 when direct inside large award.

2, Kaluoer


Film origianl work ” saline cost ” be ” benefit of talent thunder general ” Smith is in author clique emerald green Xi Yahai faceless 1952 those who publish is medium piece female with the novel, director Tuodehaiyin this move its screen, together Kaitebulanqiete and Lu Ni Ma pull contribution to give the most beau生产建筑模板厂家tiful this year love motion picture.

3, mad Maikesi 4: Violent means

Mad Max: Fury Road

After classical series is old those who restart make, with extremely brief the battlefield of kill of last phase of an age that visual style presents a hot-blooded hurricane. Film is shown from Ma建筑模板厂家代理商AWy remove g建筑工程模板厂WDood public praise with respect to scrape up and continue to prize-giving season of the end of the year all the time, this also is sheet of a list of names posted up in exclusive a business is big.

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