Hong Kong reporter goes to phenanthrene to interview APEC to reject to enter a country or be gotten on blacklist

[round-the-world times reports integratedly] reporter of broadcasting station of Hong Kong commerce interviews Asia-Pacific economy collaboration to organize toward Philippine preparation before a few days ago (w建筑模板生产基地BIhen APEC) peak is met, be rejected to enter a country by Philippine authority concerned in Manila airport. Hong Kong society expresses to pay close attention to to incident.

According to Hong Kong ” Oriental daily ” 18 days of reports, the Ceng Zaiyin of the year before last year of trader desk reporter that is entered a country by refus spends Nixiyaba session of li island APEC, dealt with cover evidence, did not arrive finally Indonesian interview, during Dan Feng can be held because Hong Kong reporter examines minutely Philippine president Ajinuo,sansei 建筑模用的模板多少钱BZpledges about Hong Kong person the problem of incident, suspicion is included blacklist by Philippine government accordingly. This reporter was entered a countr华日木业有限公司y by refus a few days ago, believe or be the follow-up of incident of blacklist of the year before last year. The message says, commercial broa

dcasting station changes subsequently the repor建筑模板价格一览木制定型模板AE表AZter is headed for interview, obtain Philippine allow enter a country.

Spokesman of commercial broadcasting station states to the practice of Philippine government exceeding regret is reached do not understand, say to already sought harbor government office to assist processing. Special zone government expresses, government office of the member that already was stationed in harbor specially appoi清水模板nted with respect to incident and Ministry of Foreign Af玖玖木业有限公司fairs, China is stationed in Philippin

e embassy to reach Philippine be stationed in harbor to always get house contact, understand event and convey attention.

2010, group of Hong Kong journe千和宏泰木业有限公司y divides hold sb under duress of service police officer in Philippine Manila by this country, philippine police undertakes assault fortified positions after, bring

about 8 people death, 7 people to get hurt, and improper of Philippine respect processing accepts crit建筑多层模板哪里买icism fully. On the APEC conference 2013, 4 Hong Kong reporters examine minutely in the assembly room sansei of phenanthrene president A Jinuo concerns the issue of hostage incident, leave on the spot by drive, share 9 Hong Kong reporters to be in after the event by Philippine include enter a country blacklist. According to ” Oriental daily ” report, last year the end of the year, a Hong Kong reporter that ever was included blacklist arrives when Philippine travel be entered a country by refus, the Philippine consul general that be stationed in harbor ever said ever since, philippine enter a country branch already cancel is right of these 9 Hong Kong reporters ente石坊木业有限公司r a country limitation.

(Original title: Reporter of Hong Kong of phenanthrene government refus interviews APEC doubt to suffer blacklist incident effect)