The United States increases aid to appraise opposition 3 years acceptance supports 100 million dollar 500 million

American government will announce on October 31, will to Syria opposition offers econ施工模板支撑omy of n建筑工工程建筑模板价格AU程模板KYear 100 million dollar to help.

The United States is standing cloth Lincoln is in Anthony of deputy Secretary of State afore-mentioned move announce when wheat of offer of Bahrain capital wheat attends meeting of safety of one space division. So far, the

United States already approached 500 million dollar from the support of accumulative total cash that acceptance provides to opposition since


The United States just says, each expenditure such as activity of the place that supplementary aid will use at supporting opposition and provincial administration operation, civil rights, emergency.

It is important that the act that increases aid just meets American govern常用建筑模板ment is made to appraise policy during adjusting. The White House will announce on Octobe

r 30, presidential Beilakeaobama decides not to send sold临沂百汇木业有限公司销售ier of 50 special type to Syria, assist appraise opposition to defy the extreme organizes Mohammedan country. Same day, syrian problem passes 7 hours of negotiation in Vienna about enlarged meeting of national minister of foreign affairs, with respect to open the Syrian peace process of an U.N. dominant reachs basic consensus.

According t临沂东冠木业有限公司o this one consensus, attend the meeting square support falls in U.N. dominant, seek the cease-fire of limits of Syrian whole nation, begin political process afresh at the same time; Supervise in U.N. below, choose Syrian future leader through free election. Nevertheless, attend the meeting to just be in A Sade of Er of appraise president Ba Sha goes中国建筑模板 staying on the problem without consensus, predict two Zhou Neiju travel is new round of negotiation.

The A Deer of chancellery of Saudi Arabia diplomacy that attends the meeting in wheat offer wheat Zhubaier thinks, syrian problem conference did not achieve sand spy respect to anticipate, also won’t change the position with unusual sand, namely Ba Sha Er must nonofficeholding.

American respect seeks Ba Sha all the time Er is nonofficeholding, dan Bulin agrees to blur relatively in the manner on the schedule海子木业代理 problem that hopes Ba Sha Er is nonofficeholding. He is alluded, regard Syria as long-term ally of the government, russia acts in the military affairs of appraise churchyard all the more is thorough, the economy that its bring, politics and cost of safe interest respec金森源木业有限公司t will be in山东大州建筑模板有限公司creasingly heavy, will make Russia just seek the politics that solves Syrian problem to transfer conversely plan.