Beautiful astronaut aerospace keeps innovation record 216 days to just come home one year completely

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Data chart: Bureau of American space navigation (NASA) Siketekaili tries on astronaut to be taken with the space navigation that walk出售建筑模板s at aerospa郑州建筑模板公司ce.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, local time 29 days, the American astronaut that is in international space station to participate research personally at present Siketekaili (Scott仁和木业建筑模板厂 Kelly) is in of aerospa

ce linger time achieves 216 days, he is becom

e accordingly history on in aer云南建筑模板公司ospace the American astronaut with consecutive the longest retention period, break 215 days of records that American astronaut achieved 2006.

According to the report, to cooperate a scientist understandin

建筑设计报价函格式模板TRg keeps aerospace for long to reach the effect that intelligence causes to the body, triumphant benefit predicts to will linger one year in space station. The twin brother mark of triumphant benefit assists a scientist to make gene compare in the earth.

Bureau of American space navigation (NASA) expresses, the record that triumphant benefit achieves is very important, he keeps every many建筑模板支撑 days in aerospace, the brigade that explores spark to NASA is very crucial. NASA plan took the place of 2030 send human get angry the star, itinerary makings will be as long as 3 years, astronaut whether bear so long outer space is itinerary, still be unknown at present.

According to NASA regulation, astronaut keeps aerospace not to exceed 5 commonly to 6 months every time, lest their contact can cite the radiation level that causes c建筑用模板ancer, and stay for long in airtight space and appear psychological problem.

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