Funeral of Afghan refugee life busy fire fighting of Bulgaria police government

Bulgaria official says 16 days, the police is in this country 15 days when patrolling near Bulgaria and Osmanli border, discovery is in one group the Afghan refugee of illegal cross the boundary illegally, the police executes the law give a warning fires a shot in the process, the bullet that a refugee i模板生产s rebounded is hit die.

After the accident, the Bulgaria premier that entering summit of European Union fall to meet in Brussels goes back to the motherland at top speed processing this matter, bulgaria president also stands rapidly put out a fire. U.N. refugee arrange gives condemnation, requirement thorough investigates this matter. According to the view of refugee arrange, this is this year first pop that since European refugee crisis erupts, happens is deadly incident.

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Geaoerjikesituofu says secretary-general of Bulgaria Home Office, accident place is located in be apart from the border that keep land the borderland of Bulgaria southeast ministry that 30 kilometers are in is small press down Sileidaici. Many on 50 Afghani建筑模板厂家位置UJstan refugee that just enters Bulgaria from Turkey cross the boundary illegally is touched when police of 3 borde英成木业有限公司r land patrols.

Kesituofu introduces, these refugees are the age is mixed in 20 years old 30 years old of young men between, the experience when the police tries to arrest them revolts, a police is warned toward Tian Ming gun.

He says, the bullet that a refugee is rebounded by is hit, die in sending toward hospital road.

Kesituofu says, at present of the others refugee is detaining a center in, body in order, bulgaria authorities has begun to investigate be related of refugee accident death.

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Boris of spokesman of U.N. refugee office cuts Xierkefu 16 days to make a statement condemnation this matter.

Qiexierkefu says: Close to this incident watch astonishs U.N. refugee arrange. The person that this Afghanistan takes refugee just wants to achieve security, () of unfortunate however death, we express to condem

n to this. We appeal Bulgaria government launchs transparent, independent investigation instantly.

Press his view, this is this year first pop that since European refugee crisis erupts, happens is deadly incident.

The data of U.N. refugee arrange shows, the re专业建筑模板厂家fugee that enters Europe this year al潍坊长浦模板ready exceeded 590 thousand person, among them crossing of major by Turkey is Mediterranean, the Western Europe nation such as Germany reachs after the the Balkan peninsula passing through on north.

Although Bulgaria is country of European Union member, but be not Shen Genguo, the refugee amount that lends Bulgaria is not much, about 11 thousand refugee is shared to enter Bulgaria建筑模板的计算AB since this year.

Since refugee crisis erupts, bulgaria adopted severe border land canal to accuse measure: Add police of clique border land, installation is photographed like the head, consolidate lengthens abatis.

[governmental busy put out a fire]

The Liyefu inside husband of row of general of Bulgari新松模板股份有限公司SFa president Luo Sen appears personally 16 days, to the refugee dead incident express寿光市鑫源木业有限公司es a regret greatly, appeal the European Union solves refugee problem as soo建筑模板n as possible at the same time.

He says in a statement: I appeal the person that take refugee is not engaged in violating the act of European Union and Bulga建筑工程模板KYria law, esteem restrains the law of our everybody.

He says: Take the opportunity, I want to appeal the European Union adopts uniform policy quickly, solve the root of refugee crisis.

Summit of European Union fall is met 16 days of

before dawn ring down the curtain in Brussels. Tusike of chairman of Council of Europe expresses on the press conference after the meeting, the country is in the European Union on the meeting and member to prevent refugee tide with Turkey collaboration, and the canal that strengthens pair of exterior and collective border accuses a respect to gain headway.

Turkey is the main state of transit that the refugee enters Europe. That evening European Union and Turkey reach an action plan. Here the plan falls, the European Union will provide more support to Turkey and its churchyard refugee, adopt visa advantage to turn measure to its citizen, and Turkey needs to be in prevent the refugee to borrow cross secretly enter European respect to produce effect. (Wang Hongbin Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially)