Xi Jinping October 19 will visit to 23 days flower Sino-British relation unscrambles key window

Fall October, the important diplomacy journey of mainland of Asia-Europe of an over or across be about to open should Britannic reach queen of Northern Ireland U.k. Bai Ershi invites Yi Lisha, national chairman Xi Jinping will come 23 days have state visit to England on October 19.

This is come to China 10 years national chairman has state visit to England first, this also is the top level between per黑色模板工地LKmanent member of two U.N. Security Council communicate with communication. To this visit, british all circles raises his head and look in order to long for: British premier blocks Mei Lun to express, this year is fl临沂建筑模板公司ower in the gold that the concern grows year, be used to makes the same score the golden age that the state visit that the chairman is about to have to England will concern in open flower nearly; England ” financial times ” say, london will be the Chinese leader is the most bright-coloured red carpet on the shop.

This seeks Chairman Xi Jinping content will be very rich, the collaboration that waits for economic domain from finance, investment arrives science and technology, humanitarian the communication that waits for culture domain all has involve, it may be said is all-around extend, ruan Zongze of assistant dean of academy of China International relation tells people net the reporter, more important is, this the visit will enrich the connotation of ” of golden age of Sino-British relation ” , also will bec合肥建筑模板AZome the new milepost on Sino-British relation phylogeny.

New blueprint of relation of scale two countries

Institute of relation of international of Chinese people university teachs king justice mast to introduce, this year is relation of associate of Sino-British and overall strategy the 2nd of a bureau of 10 years year, associate of Sino-British and overall strategy concerns to sailing the drive of development. Contact of two countries high level is frequent and intimate, both sides built premier year to meet, the mechanism of a few dialogs such as communication of article of dialog of strategic dialog, economic money gold, senior other people, communicate with respect to a series of important matters, development wanting a job, bilateral relationship stability and maturity are unprecedented.

Below such setting, wang Yi mast points out, front of collaboration of Sino-British two countries is facing new development opportunity. British government expresses for many times, chinese development is challenge of good luck and rather than. Premier will get the better of Cameron this year in May afte建筑模板十大品牌r choosing be reappointed consecutively, express, expect future makes the golden age of Sino-British relation 5 years.

And another group of data are, china is England the 4th large trade is companionate, england becomes China destination of associate of the 2nd large trade, the biggest inside the European Union investment the RMB outside country and the largest area outside dividing Hong Kong trades center. Two countries is in the domain collaboration such as report of finance钢模厂家, nucleus, Gao Tie gains new headway c安慧木业有限公司easelessly.

Can go up in the hair drier of media of China and foreign countries that held yesterday, wang Chao of undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses, the many cooperation agree

ment that this seeks both sides to will sign the domain such as trade of the sources of energy, classics, finance, s建筑施工模板安全技术规范KOcience and technology.

Without doubt, this the visit will strengthen the connotation that associate of contented and Sino-British overall strategy concerns, ruan Zongze points out, the new blueprint that scale two countries concerns and ” of ” golden age.

And visit to welcome Chairman Xi Jinping flower, institute of royal international problem sponsors England ” now the world ” the Silk Road tha

t the magazine issues a theme to be 21 centuries: China and Europe revive the monograph of historic relation, sino-British relation mixes focusing in Europe concerns. De Zhuanwen of chancellery merchant dimension points out British commerce, innovation and skill, sino-British trade 新型模板建筑支撑AZrelationship is compared before any period are close friends, the state visit that chairman of be used to工程报价模板BD is about to have to England will is flower in the further progress that trade of two countries classics concerns lays solid foundation.

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