Jerusalem reappearance holds murderer of picture of spot of incident of knife wound person to already was subdued by police

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In report will occupy new network on October 10 Afp report, local time 10 days, jerusalem comes out to hold event of knife wound person together again, local police says, this murderer already was subdued.

The graph is on on July 14, 2014, before a building of Israel Ashdod town south, the Israeli examines the building that is hit by Palestine artillery shell; Next graphs are on July 7, 2015, this building has been perfected b建筑模板价钱AMy repair.

The report says, local police says, current, this murderer already was subdued, but did not explain whether its are shot dead or maul, also did not explain its are Palestinian or Israeli. In additi中南神箭木业有限公司on, police also did祥石木业有限公司 not disclose the amount that hurts person incident calumniator in this and case.

It is reported山东省烨鲁木业有限公司, when police is describ安徽建筑模板公司ing a murderer, used terrorist this word.

Occupy a story additionally, be as long as between Israeli and Palestinian 装配式建筑设备模具ACthe force of a week spreads 9 days to the Gaza Strip. That day, hundreds Palestinian is in middle reaches of process of a demonstrate goes to add Sha Bian group, defend block fling at in the Israel soldier of attrib border across, roll burning tire to them at the same time.

6 Pal

estinians die in conflict, additionally about a hundred person gets hurt. The doctor of Palestine says, at least 50 people get hurt.

(Original title: Jerusalem reappearance holds murderer of incident of knife wound person to already was subdued by police)

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