Cameron: England will buy 20 unmanned aircraft to hit Mohammedan state

In report will occupy new network on October 5 British media coverage, british premier Cameron is affirmatory recently the strength that will enhance Ying Jun to hit M建筑木方生产厂家ohammedan state, include not to have royal air force man-machine amount to increase one times among them.

The report says, cameron was accepted recently when interviewing, say, england counts defray pound to supply the most advanced equipment for speci腹膜板厂家THal type army. He says, the horrible menace that should be faced with to England is crucial.

The report points out, when Cameron publishs this comment, the Conservative Party that is worth England to be in office is in Mancunian during holding annual


Go up month, cameron says, a建筑木模板厂rmed personnel is in the Mohammedan country of two flower book Syria is shot dead by the unmanned aircraft of royal air force, this is England is aimed at British citizen to have charge first without man-machine.

Although British parliament has not pass pair of Syria to carry out martial action, but Cameron points out, this each defends the action already lawful, be necessary again.

Cameron still expresses, the person th山东省临沂市福瑞建筑模板厂at England will use the new-style person that guard to replace 10 existing to reap without ma建筑用胶模板HFn-machine does not have man-machine, and the amount will increase one times.

It is reported, the person that guard is apart from without man-machine flight farther, and can carry more and advanced weapon and equipment.

Cameron says, these unmanned aircraft will defend British safety, provide information, and can hit 建筑模板供应厂家those to engineer horrible charger.

He still expresses, army of British SAS special type and army of other special type will obtain new equipment and new weapon, strengthen in order to ensure their fighting capacity gets.


n still expresses to will urge a parliament to be held

as soon as possible voting, to the Mohammedan country板材覆膜是什么意思 of Syrian churchyard for England executive air attack levels road.

The report points out, the opportunity for combat of the allied country such as the United States, sand spy, Jordan, Kuwait, France and Canada is in early already will begin Mohammedan to appraise condition country last year in September the target launchs blow oper工程施工模板GSation.

British parliament before this ever 524 tickets vote to 43 tickets the action that support shares goal of blow Iraq churchyard, but the authorization that vetoed target of blow Syria churchyard.

British department of defense ever appealed the parliament supports Ying Jun to participate in the operation that hits Syrian churchyard target last month.工程模板多少钱一张

The Labour Party of the greatest opposition expresses the parliament, if the gover建议木业有限公司nment offers,legislation allows to assault Syrian churchyard target, the likelihood won’t object.