With cling to in Akesa mosque explodes again conflict spot much place catchs fire

28 days of before dawn, the seat of A Kesa mosque that Israel police and road of Yu Ye of Palestinian v/arc be on the throne scatter cold old city erupts again conflict.

Say with police spokesman, 27 come 28 days day and night morning, the Palestinian continues to overcome roadblock of buy of Sa mosque peripheral in A, wait in block of the corner inside mos全州模板que, cracker. Try to persuade the Palestinian insid竹模板及价格KJe this mosque to leave through negotiating with the police, persuade after disabling, ascend hill of Temple of God with the police, the Palestinian is mixed to its cast block, cracker combustion bottle, conflict spot much place catchs fire, break up the Palestinian insid

e mosque finally with the police.

According to Palestine media coverage, conflict causes about 15 Palestinians to get hurt.


With cling to bilateral Ceng Yu two Zhou Qian erupts in seat of A Kesa mosque the conflict that lasts 3 days, after this condition alleviates somewhat, erupt again in the新型建筑模板价格多少 morn工地施工模板红ing till 27 days conflict.

Seat of mosq建筑模板厂商SLue of A gram 施工模板支撑BRS工程建筑模板JDa (the Jew calls hill of Temple of God) it is together Mohammedan with Judaism bethel, coming for years is all the time with cling to one of powder kegs of conflict. Israel is in the effective control

that Je华港木业有限公司rusalem old city captured in middle east war 1967 counterpoises. But the agreement that reachs according to Israel and Jordan, what Jordan has pair of this one sacred place is jurisdictional, authority of local public security is controlled by Israel police, the Je浩晶

木业有限公司w can head for bethel to look around as common tourist, but do not allow devotional over. Force of Israel ultra-Right ala drives the right that gets a Jew head for prayer of hill of Temple of God all the time for years, cause a Palestinian to resent strongly. (reporter Fan Xiaolin, Yang Zhiwang)