Italian woman shops meet the man small 3 in the street anger bite its finger

Meet when first wife small 3, what kind of disturbance can you p模板规格AKroduce? According to England ” daily Post ” wil特级模板SHl report on September 16, a few days ago,

a woman of Italian goes up in the street the come across when shopping is small 3, she of fury make a psychological attack cannot help and small 3 scuffle rise, move a mouth to bite the finger that left opposite party even, frighten smally 3 be defeated and flee. This one act lets surround the passerby of view to astonish unceasingly, somebody films this matter come down to be passed to the net, cause netizen heat to discuss.

Angle of this fi亨佳木业有限公司rst wife is small the community of old block Spain that the hassle of 3 produces in Italian Naples (QuartieriSpagnoli) . 覆膜厂家

In video, 4 women become posse in street scuffle, often give out scream, subsequently, in fokelore small 3 seize a road and go out, first wife is chased after closely after one’s death in its do not abandon. Final,模板报价单 small 3 be forced corner, indignant first wife is ruthless ground snap her工程模板价格 fin

ger. Surround the passerby建筑项目模板KP concern of view to make a major issue, signed up for动画模板 immediately alarm. What medical personnel arrives at the spot to will get h广西建筑木模板生产厂家urt is small 3 send a hospital, this ability checked the farther aggravation of incident.

It is reported, the husband of this Italy woman is a successful entrepreneur of local, he is sent by the wife have with other woman outside now catch. Then, this woman encounte批发建筑模板怎么样BFrs meaning of the vinegar after rival in love to be sent greatly on the road, aflame with passion, make so breathtaking move. Current, those who have bad luck is small 3 accepting treatment in the hospital, the doctor expresses, her finger whether receive successfully going up still is an unknown.