Japanese A Su Huoshan erupts latest news: Cautionary level promotion comes 3 class

Japanese w建筑模板价格表eather office says 14 days, local time that day 9 when 43 minutes or so, a crater of Su Shan of A of area of southern a poetic name of China erupts suddenly, ejective smother is as high as 2000 meters.

A Sushan al宿迁建筑模板公司titude 1506 meters in Yue Huoshan a crater happening erupts, japanese weather office is elevated cautionary le

vel to 3 class, ask people must not be close to this volcano, because volcanic and ejec山东裕林木业有限公司tive rock is mixed,aerosol constitutes hazard to people. Local atmosphere bureau says, this is 5 class of Japanese since volcanic and cautionary level was car

ried out 2007 first.

Local government in high mountain circumference of a crater the ar桥梁模板厂家ea of 4 kilometers delimits for forbidden zone. There are a few cafeterias and a museum over there, not civilian curtilage.

Police and local government official show, they are scattered when volcano erupts crater adds close shot to nod about 30 tourists. One part tourist is near summit parking lot, also by safety scattered.

Local official shows, volcano erupts very suddenly, without any omen. Get hurt without personnel temporarily report.

Rebuke with what about 20 kilometers are in on the west in A Su Huoshan this airport, operation business says, a few airliners cancel, a few planes change fall around other airport. Complete Japan airline says, had cancelled to have 6 falling flight numbers in Xiong Ben airport.

Company of power of a poetic name of China says, volcano erupts won’t cause any effects to the nuclear power plant of company of power of this home appliance. Company of power of a poetic name of China is in deer of the city inside insular county Sa Machuan plai建筑工地模板作用KAn kernel power station is located in A Sushan with south 160 kilometers place. This y湖南建筑模板公司ear in August, plain an aircrew starts kernel power s常用建筑模板tation afresh.

A Sushan is located路桥模板ER in Xiong Ben county, it is Japan one of the most active volcano, also be the bethel that the tourist hikes. It is comprised by 5 volcano, highest tall Yue Hai unplugs 1592 meters.

A Sushan erupts in a small way from time to time since last year November. Japanese weather office will rise to raise A Sushan cautionary level to 2 class in August from last year, proposal tourist does not模板支撑厂家 stand by crater.

The dimensions that erupts this is gotten greatly much. A Sushan last time ejective height 2000 meters smother, the thing that was December 1994.

Japan is located in on belt of earthquake of volcano of annulus Pacific Ocean, churchyard has many 100 active volcano.

Last year on September 27, be located in long wild county and Qi to mound the drive of prefectural churchyard Yue Shan happening erupts, cause 63 people death. Japanese weather office says this is Japan comes near 90 years volcano erupts the most serious disaster that cause. Altitude of hill of drive high mountain 3067 meters, distance capital Tokyo about more than 200 kilometers, erupting last time is in March 2007.

This year M

ay, island of a poetic name of China with south an out-of-the-way islands produces volcano to erupt, force黑色模板工地LK around dweller scattered. (Liu learns Xinhua News Agency to stalk of grain especially)

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